2020-11-03:  I am looking for a new name for the app — nzbUnity does more than just nzb at this point, it does torrents, Ombi, Search etc and I want something to reflect all that it can do.  If you have any ideas on the name, please email them to me — [email protected] . 

Full transparency- I will use the new name to redo nzbUnity from the ground up. No more Objective C and redo it all on Swift, new logo, new interface, etc.  Similar to how Sonarr/Radarr/etc do their builds (v2 and v3 concurrently), I will continue to develop nzbUnity (Objective C) while I get $new_name (Swift) to a level that matches. Once that is done, nzbUnity will be retired in favor of the new name and hopefully have it approved on the AppStore 🙂

With that said, new build is coming soon that introduces multiple Sonarr support as well as editing multiple download items (currently only NZBGet but all the other downloaders will get it too for final release).

2020-11-15:  The new version (v1.8.133 beta) of nzbUnity is available now  which introduces MULTIPLE SONARR support as well as EDITING MULTIPLE ITEMS IN DOWNLOAD (NZBGET FOR NOW) and many more features / fixes.

nzbUnity v1.8.133 is  now available on AppDB (https://appdb.to) as well.

Latest version: https://appdb.to/app/cydia/1900000417

Now available as an AltStore repo: https://nzbunity.dozenzb.com/altstore.json

NZB + TORRENT + iOS = ❤️

At home or on the go, nzbUnity makes it easy for you to manage all of your favorites NZB and TORRENT applications from your iOS device.

Easy just got simpler.

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SABNzbd+ | NZBGet | NZBVortex | Transmission | uTorrent |qBittorent | Deluge | ruTorrent

Easily manage your favorite NZB / Torrent downloaders.

SickBeard | SickRage | Sonarr

Add, delete, and manage your favorite TV shows from your finger tips.

CouchPotato | Radarr

Easily manage your movie library or add a new movie with a few simple taps.


Searching just got easier — search all or one of your Newznab/nZEDb/NZBMegasearcH/NZBHydra/Jackett providers.

Headphones | Lidarr

Organize and manage your music library with ease.


Manage your comic book collections from your iOS device.


Add your favorite book or author to your collection and with the one click button, you can transfer it to your iOS device for easy reading.


Easily share your configuration between your iOS devices with this FREE service provided by nzbUnity.

Ombi (PlexRequests)

Add movies/tv/music to Ombi, Approve/deny requests, respond to issues,  add/edit/delete users.


nzbUnity is and will always be free. nzbUnity is by us for us.

Using your iOS device just got better.

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What is SyncSettings?

SyncSettings is a free service provided by nzbUnity that easily allows you to share your settings between multiple iOS devices.



All of your nzbUnity settings are automatically encrypted before they are transmitted to my server, and they’re also stored, encrypted, on the server.

Peace of Mind

Share your settings between all your iOS devices with 1 click.  No longer do you have to re-enter your hostname:port, apikey, RSS feeds, or Search servers. Simply upload your settings and let the app do the rest.

nzbUnity is free, feel free to send the developer a donation :~)

Make any contribution / donation and you will qualify to have the PRO features enabled.