Cydia Repo

Want to install the jailbroken beta releases without having to go through all the steps below?  Simply add my repo ( to your Cydia sources.

Note: The repo will be brought online by end of the day today (2017-09-07).

Attention: Version numbering will change starting with this beta.  Versioning will now be #VERSION# (#BUILD#) instead of #VERSION# BETA #BETA NUMBER#.  Since I was not keeping track of the build number, this will be build 1 but future beta will have a different build number – ex: 1.8 (87) could be beta 2 etc.

nzbUnity v1.8.105 (Stable)

Posted: January 4th, 2020


  • (ADDRadarr:  Multiple Radarr support
  • (ADD) Radarr:  Recommendations
  • (ADDHeadphones:  Ability to view history
  • (ADDDownloaders:  Ability to move the downloader servers.  Long-press and then drag and drop to the new position
  • (ADD) qBittorent:  Added support for the new API 2.3 released with qBittorent 4.2.0. 
  • (ADD) Search:  Jackett support
  • (CHANGE) Radarr:   Search icon is now part of the bottom menu
  • (CHANGE) Search:  Moved the + to the bottom bar to match the look of the other applets.
  • (CHANGE) RSS:  Moved the + to the bottom bar to match the look of the other applets.
  • (CHANGE) Search:   Updated the views to match the look and feel of the other applets
  • (CHANGE) Search:  Removed NZBClub
  • (FIXEDiPad:  When restoring from SyncSettings (with LazyLibrian enabled) or enabling the application LazyLibrarian, nzbUnity would crash.  This was due to me leaving the connection module on the iPad to connect via username/password when LL has been updated (build 45). to use ApiKey only.
  • (FIXEDSick Beard:  Artwork failed to be retrieved when TheTVDB updated their api to v3.
  • (FIXEDSickRage:  Artwork failed to be retrieved when TheTVDB updated their api to v3.
  • (FIXEDSonarr:  Artwork failed to be retrieved when TheTVDB updated their api to v3.
  • (FIXEDRadarr:  Movie would still show up on the ‘wanted’ list even if the cutoff was met (ex: downloaded Bluray 1080p but cutoff was DVD and the Bluray 1080p was higher on the list than the DVD).
  • (FIXED) Radarr:  Title-less movies would cause nzbUnity to crash.
  • (FIXED) Downloaders:  Clicking save multiple times when adding a downloader would add the server multiple times.  
  • (FIXEDnzbUnity:  New build notification was not displaying when a new build was out.

nzbUnity v1.8.93 (Beta)

Posted: April 07th, 2019


  • (ADD) Lidarr: Lidarr Support.
  • (ADD) Sonarr: Ability to delete episode files.
  • (ADD) uTorrent: Ability to change torrent label.
  • (CHANGE) nzbUnity: App is now AD FREE.
  • (CHANGE) Auto Night: Temporarily disabled based on reports that it has been causing crashes on start up.
  • (CHANGE) Sonarr: Updated the episode listing UI to be more dynamic and include the quality of the file (if available)
  • (CHANGE) Search: When adding or editing a provider, if the protocol (http or https) is detected in the url/host, it will be automatically removed to make adding / editing easier.
  • (CHANGE) Radarr: Movies that are still monitored but have downloaded the movie in the cutoff profile is no longer marked as Wanted in nzbUnity
  • (FIXED) All: on Jailbroken devices, artwork would not load on iOS 11.
  • (FIXED) Sonarr: Episode listing would be out of order if there was no airdate listed, changed to sort by episode number
  • (FIXED) Sonarr: If application language was not set to English then the artwork would not download.
  • (FIXED) All: The Barcode Scanner’s cancel button would be position slightly off screen on the iPhone X series.

nzbUnity v1.8.64 (Stable)

Posted: September 11th, 2018


  • (ADD) nzbUnity: Application labels. You can now label the apps on the main page with whatever name you’d like.
  • (ADD) nzbUnity: User Interface has been updated to fit properly on the iPhone X
  • (ADD) Downloaders: All download applet have been combined into 1 new downloader applet. From one window, you can manage all your downloading app (sab, nzbget, nzbvortex, torrents).
  • (ADD) Downloaders: Deluge (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Downloaders: uTorrent (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Downloaders: qBittorrent (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Downloaders: Transmission (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Radarr: Open in Safari button on the movie info page for more information about the movie (imdb or tmdb)
  • (ADD) Search: Added Radarr to the auto import list
  • (ADD) Sick Beard: ‘Custom’ quality profile for adding and editing a show.
  • (ADD) SickRage: ‘Custom’ quality profile for adding and editing a show.
  • (ADD) Radarr: Ability to type and filter the list of movies in your list.
  • (CHANGE) Radarr: Changed the artwork download from using Radarr to using TheMovieDB
  • (CHANGE) Sonarr: Changed the artwork download from using Sonarr to using TheTVDB
  • (CHANGE) LazyLibrarian: Re-did the integration from HTML parsing to API
  • (FIXED) All: Special Characters are now allowed for the password when attempting to retreive the APIKEY automatically.
  • (FIXED) Downloaders: SABNzbd would be unable to connect if using a reverse proxy auth (ex: Nginx Auth).
  • (FIXED) SABnzbd: Added support for SABnzbd v2.x
  • (FIXED) Sonarr: When adding a show, starting season and search on add options were being ignored.
  • (FIXED) Radarr: Searching for movies would return ‘results not found’ (slight change of API from Radarr)
  • (FIXED) CouchPotato: Manual search was not showing the download icon
  • (FIXED) CouchPotato: Random crashes when attempting to re-add a movie to the wanted via the ‘Re-Add’ button.
  • (FIXED) CouchPotato: UI would incorrectly move up when hiding either the quality or profile when adding a movie.
  • (FIXED) Search: Attempting to browse would cause the app to crash.
  • (FIXED) Search: Auto import was not importing newznab servers from Sonarr
  • (FIXED) SyncSettings: In some cases, restoring from SyncSettings with Client Certificate enabled, would cause nzbUnity to crash.
  • (FIXED) Auto Nightmode: Auto Night mode would cause the app to crash.
  • (CHANGE) All (Except RSS/Search): New TabBar (bottom bar) look for all the apps. Main color is the apps main color.
  • (CHANGE) iPad: iPad is now in landscape mode.

For instructions on how to install the beta build on your jailbroken device