Cydia Repo

Want to install the jailbroken beta releases without having to go through all the steps below?  Simply add my repo ( to your Cydia sources.

Note: The repo will be brought online by end of the day today (2017-09-07).

Attention: Version numbering will change starting with this beta.  Versioning will now be #VERSION# (#BUILD#) instead of #VERSION# BETA #BETA NUMBER#.  Since I was not keeping track of the build number, this will be build 1 but future beta will have a different build number Рex: 1.8 (87) could be beta 2 etc.

nzbUnity v1.8.64 (Stable)

Posted: September 11th, 2018


  • (ADD) nzbUnity: Application labels. You can now label the apps on the main page with whatever name you’d like.
  • (ADD) nzbUnity: User Interface has been updated to fit properly on the iPhone X
  • (ADD) Downloaders: All download applet have been combined into 1 new downloader applet. From one window, you can manage all your downloading app (sab, nzbget, nzbvortex, torrents).
  • (ADD) Downloaders: Deluge (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Downloaders: uTorrent (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Downloaders: qBittorrent (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Downloaders: Transmission (Torrent) support.
  • (ADD) Radarr: Open in Safari button on the movie info page for more information about the movie (imdb or tmdb)
  • (ADD) Search: Added Radarr to the auto import list
  • (ADD) Sick Beard: ‘Custom’ quality profile for adding and editing a show.
  • (ADD) SickRage: ‘Custom’ quality profile for adding and editing a show.
  • (ADD) Radarr: Ability to type and filter the list of movies in your list.
  • (CHANGE) Radarr: Changed the artwork download from using Radarr to using TheMovieDB
  • (CHANGE) Sonarr: Changed the artwork download from using Sonarr to using TheTVDB
  • (CHANGE) LazyLibrarian: Re-did the integration from HTML parsing to API
  • (FIXED) All: Special Characters are now allowed for the password when attempting to retreive the APIKEY automatically.
  • (FIXED) Downloaders: SABNzbd would be unable to connect if using a reverse proxy auth (ex: Nginx Auth).
  • (FIXED) SABnzbd: Added support for SABnzbd v2.x
  • (FIXED) Sonarr: When adding a show, starting season and search on add options were being ignored.
  • (FIXED) Radarr: Searching for movies would return ‘results not found’ (slight change of API from Radarr)
  • (FIXED) CouchPotato: Manual search was not showing the download icon
  • (FIXED) CouchPotato: Random crashes when attempting to re-add a movie to the wanted via the ‘Re-Add’ button.
  • (FIXED) CouchPotato: UI would incorrectly move up when hiding either the quality or profile when adding a movie.
  • (FIXED) Search: Attempting to browse would cause the app to crash.
  • (FIXED) Search: Auto import was not importing newznab servers from Sonarr
  • (FIXED) SyncSettings: In some cases, restoring from SyncSettings with Client Certificate enabled, would cause nzbUnity to crash.
  • (FIXED) Auto Nightmode: Auto Night mode would cause the app to crash.
  • (CHANGE) All (Except RSS/Search): New TabBar (bottom bar) look for all the apps. Main color is the apps main color.
  • (CHANGE) iPad: iPad is now in landscape mode.

For instructions on how to install the beta build on your jailbroken device