[ Version]

  • Resolved a bug that caused nzbUnity to crash on startup after installing


  • (CHANGE) Headphones has been completely redone (old code trashed, new code written). Better memory management, updated UI, and more.
  • (CHANGE) Updated main Headphones icon to be more HQ.
  • (CHANGE) Upcoming icon on all apps to be a calendar.
  • (CHANGE) Changed default font from TrebuchetMS to Helvetica Neue
  • (FIXED) Fixed a bug in SickBeard that would not let you add shows in certain circumstances.
  • (FIXED) Fixed a bug in NZBDrone that did not let you choose the quality if running iOS 8.
  • (FIXED) Fixed a bug when exiting SyncSettings, it would not let you go back to the main menu on iOS 8.